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Corneille has been an artist for as long as she was old enough to hold a crayon and her preferred subjects were always animals.  Her passion for painting is evident in her soulful pet portraits.  Corneille is a lover of nature, animals, gardens and wildlife.  A Raleigh native, she is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and currently teaches art from her home studio as well as through the Wake County School District.

"I paint from my heart.  My portraits are realistic with a colorful flair.  I am very careful to capture your pet's soul by an intensive study of their eyes, as this is the window to which I can greet them.  I have never known life without a dog as a family member and each one owns a piece of my heart.  They continuously teach me life lessons:  that hugs are a good thing, to run and play everyday, eat when you are hungry, rest when tired and drink lots of water; greet everyone with a happy wag and to  live simply and love unconditionally."

Corneille works strictly from photographs.  It is important that the photos she works from are clear and show the pet's eyes. Try to keep in mind that she is meeting your friend for the first time - proper images are most important.  As she is creating your portrait, she sends her progress for your consideration and approval.  All portraits are oil on canvas.

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