Reasons why I love painting dogs

I cannot remember a day in my life without what the dictionary deems "a domestic animal kept for companionship and pleasure" - my dog. Yes, companionship and yes, pleasure, but my four legged family members have taught me so many life lessons, most of which I attempt, but have never quite mastered like my pets understand and accomplish without thought. Trust. Look into their eyes - I see love and I see trust. Love without condition. That's hard for us humans, but seems to come so naturally to our dogs. I'm still working on this one. Play often, really play!!!! And when you are tired of playing, lay in the sun and enjoy your naps. Drink lots and lots of water. Eat well when you are hung

How to paint a pet portrait 2

Let me first remind you how important it is to start with a clear photo, of which really accentuates the eyes of your pet. Once I have painted the eyes, and in so doing, be cautious to really SEE what you are looking at. Color is essential. I never use black from a tube. It is "dead". Rather, I blend ultramarine and umber until I have a deep blue black. The pupil is the darkest in all eyes. The iris varies in values depending upon the light source, and the outer rim of the iris is very dark. Look closer, you'll see. Never forget to add a bright sparkle of white to indicate life. When I know I am comfortable with the eyes, I work the face in, using various colors and values. Look cl

Painting a pet portrait

When I begin painting your pet, I start with a colored pencil sketch and an intense study of their eyes. I paint a rough background and then begin with their eyes - this is the window to their soul. Once I have "connected" with him/her, I begin adding more and more color for blending. #petportraits #petportraitsRaleigh #Dogportraits #corneillelittle

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