Painting a pet portrait

Started sketching Dixie and Luna - will begin to apply paint soon! f you have a dog who has made you laugh, brightened your life, silently accepted your tears without judgement, snuggled with you, forgiven your faults and loved you anyway, you are one of the lucky ones! Dogs are a gift most of us don’t deserve. #Raleighartlessons #beginningpaintingclasses #adultartclasses #Raleighartclasses #bestdogever #lessonsfromdogs #petportraitsbycorneille #learntopaint #artclassesRaleigh #corneillelittle #paintingpets #howtopaintadog #petportraitsRaleigh #petportraits #Dogportraits #artclasses

Painting a pet portrait, step by step

So here you have it. Finishing touches (a feather brush - a GOOD feathering brush) makes all the difference. Quote from the owners: That's our Gretal. Perfect! Her eyes make her come alive. Joy and I both cried. You are wonderfully talented. I am blessed and pleased that I have made another client happy!

Painting a pet portrait, step by step

My last post showed that I start with the eyes first. After I have them where I can connect, I begin building around the eyes. However, when I work around the eyes, building the image of the face out, I also work the background in. This step is important. If you are painting and ignore the background until the end, if often appears to have been a last minute addition and doesn't blend well with the foreground. You want to keep the main subject just that, the main subject!

How to paint a pet portrait

Once I begin my painting, I always begin with your pet's eyes. It's where we all connect. When painting the eyes, first examine the colors, highlights, shadows. The darkest part of the eye will be the pupil and the out rim of the iris. This is true on both dogs and humans. Look closely at YOUR eyes and you will notice the same. It is vitally important to add a speck or two of white to the pupil. This indicates life!!! If you have ever considered having a painting of your beloved pet, trust me with this, it will be a decision that you never EVER will regret! This is Gretal. She's given her family many years of unconditional love. Hope you enjoy these steps of progress in painti

It's all about being centered

I have been a pet portrait artist for years, I love it and will paint until I can no longer hold the brush. I've been an art teacher for years as well, and in that profession am blessed to help all ages learn that there is an artist in each of us. A few weeks ago, after the encouragement of a friend, I signed up for a pottery class. I have taught hand building, but never learned throwing a pot on a wheel. I love it! In wheel pottery, as in life, it is all based on being centered. I have tried to be "centered" as a human - a life long mission. Maybe learning to center a pot will be too! Potting will not be as much a profession as portrait painting of animals, but I am learning a new sk

Painting your pet, step by step

#Raleighartlessons #adultartclasses #beginningpaintingclasses #learntopaint #petportraitsbycorneille #artclassesRaleigh #corneillelittle #howtopaintadog #Raleighartclasses #paintingpets #petportraitsRaleigh #petportraits #Dogportraits #artclasses

A grateful teacher becomes the student.

I am an artist. I am a teacher. In the years that I have taught, I have learned that, most importantly, I am the student. As an art coach and mentor at Raleigh Art Studios, I am known as the "teacher". What I know, is that I am just as much the student as my studio guests are. I have been blessed to have practiced visual art for nearly a lifetime. In so doing, everything I do, I learn something new. I experiment. I fail. I learn. I try again. I study the art of those that I admire. I attempt to duplicate it. I learn. I discover my own way and I don't give up. Therefore sometimes I succeed! I am a "professional amateur". I am deemed professional because I am known and I sell

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