Portrait of a horse

As most of you know, I have concentrated my artistic talents on pets of the 4 legged type, being mostly dogs and cats. Today, I attempt to enter the equestrian arena This is the the beginning of SPARTAN. After a careful colored pencil study, I am blending a barn background in. If yo notice, I intentionally blend the background INTO the subject. I do this because I want the subject to appear in the front of the background. If, as an artist, you wait and add the background as a last effort, it will appear that way. paint it first!!!! #petportraitsRaleighNC #horseportraits #horseportraitartist #Raleighartclasses #petportraitsbycorneille #paintingpets #petportraitsRaleigh #PetportraitsRale

Painting your pet, connecting the dots

Rocco is finished. She is a Belgium Shepherd that recently passed away. Losing your pet is often harder than losing an actual family member. To many of us , our 4 legged companions are with us many more minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, than any human companion or family member. They deliver to us an unconditional style of love that (in my opinion) human's are incapable of sharing. They bring us a joy that words cannot describe. So, when we lose one, we mourn that loss for a lifetime. Cherish them. Adore them. PHOTOGRAPH them - and paint their portrait. You will never, ever regret it. I promise. Wow Corneille, I am so impressed and grateful! That is absolutely beautiful

Painting a pet portrait, connecting the dots

I am still working on this portrait. I find it necessary to NOT look at a painting for a day or two once I think it is complete. In doing this, I can more easily see and correct any mistakes that I have made. This is an oil on canvas, 11x14. Almost ready to go home. (Note the crooked nose... I need to straighten this out) #belgiumshepherd #adultartclasses #beginningpaintingclasses #petportraitsbycorneille #artclassesRaleigh #corneillelittle #petportraitsRaleigh #petportraits #paintingpets #howtopaintadog #Dogportraits

Painting a Pet Portrait, connecting the dots

Once I paint the background, I bond with the animal by painting the eyes and surrounding features. To me, this is the most important part of the painting. If I can connect with the soul of the dog, and the eyes ARE the windows to our souls, then I can complete the painting with relative ease. When painting eyes, it is important to take a close study of the shape and colors. The pupil is the darkest part - and I mix together ultramarine blues and umbers to create a deep "black". (Purchased black from a tube is rather dead, it has no color, no life). Look closely at the iris, as it is not all one color. The outer edge will be the darkest, with highlights here and there, fading into the d

Pet Portraits, connecting the dots

I always try to paint the background of my portraits prior to jumping into the actual animal. I find this important because we want the background to be just what it is, the grounding for the back of the painting. If you attempt to add the background as a later thought, it often appears that it has been just that, and the subject doesn't move forward like you may want. My clients are asked what colors they prefer, and I do my best to blend them into a subtle hue. I keep these backgrounds simple as not to distract from my main subject, and prefer painting the face/neck area as opposed to the full profile of the animal. Humans and pets alike, connect via our eyes, so this is where I will c

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