A grateful teacher becomes the student.

I am an artist. I am a teacher. In the years that I have taught, I have learned that, most importantly, I am the student. As an art coach and mentor at Raleigh Art Studios, I am known as the "teacher". What I know, is that I am just as much the student as my studio guests are.

I have been blessed to have practiced visual art for nearly a lifetime. In so doing, everything I do, I learn something new. I experiment. I fail. I learn. I try again. I study the art of those that I admire. I attempt to duplicate it. I learn. I discover my own way and I don't give up. Therefore sometimes I succeed!

I am a "professional amateur". I am deemed professional because I am known and I sell my work as a profession. I claim (and always shall) to be an amateur - mostly because if it's definition. The word "amateur" is French for "a lover of" "to love". I am a lover of creating. I LOVE that I can capture on canvas an image that makes another fellow human fall in love. I am an amateur and pray that I always will be!

As an art "teacher", I have also learned that I am more the student than the teacher. In my studio, we paint, we talk, we explore, we laugh, we play. Most importantly, we create!! And my "guests" that once believed that they could not do what they wanted to attempt, did it!! What great pleasure that gives me.

In order to successfully coach them and encourage them, I must step back and re-think, re-learn what I feel I have known for a lifetime. Their failures are my successes. Their "failures" allow me to re-address how I learned to succeed in that endeavor. What a blessing it is to relive and learn. To teach and be the student at the same time. What a gift to be a professional amateur. I love what I do.

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