Painting your pet, connecting the dots

Rocco is finished. She is a Belgium Shepherd that recently passed away. Losing your pet is often harder than losing an actual family member. To many of us , our 4 legged companions are with us many more minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, than any human companion or family member. They deliver to us an unconditional style of love that (in my opinion) human's are incapable of sharing. They bring us a joy that words cannot describe. So, when we lose one, we mourn that loss for a lifetime.

Cherish them. Adore them. PHOTOGRAPH them - and paint their portrait. You will never, ever regret it. I promise.

Wow Corneille, I am so impressed and grateful! That is absolutely beautiful! You have a great talent in capturing their personality in their face and eyes. It's amazing!

I'm very happy with it and I know they will be so touched. There will be tears of joy and sorrow because they miss her but now she will be with them every day.

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